Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thomas and Friends Live on Stage

I was lucky enough to get 4 free tickets from MomSelect to see Thomas and Friends Live on Stage: A Circus Comes to Town! The show was last night and Ben and I went along with my brother, Jon, and nephew, Jacob. We had a great time!

Ben has become a huge Thomas fan of late. If you read my recent post you know how excited he was about his new Thomas playset. His new favorite movie is Thomas and Friends: The Great Discovery. He quotes whole scenes of that movie while he's playing or when we're in the car. He can name all of the engines. So, when we told him we were going to see Thomas he was absolutely thrilled. He had been looking forward to it for weeks.

We had a great time at the show. Before it started many of the cast members came out and walked through the audience talking with kids and getting everyone amped up. Ben didn't talk to anyone but everytime one of them walked by he turned to me and would say "Mama, look! Train driver!" or "Mama, look! Clown!" As soon as the lights went down he became absolutely still and quiet. His eyes were huge! He kept saying, "Where Thomas?" over and over again until he came out. I was a little worried that a 2 year old would lose interest part way through the show and not want to sit still, but he was absolutely enthralled. He sat in his seat and watched the entire show while pointing to things and naming the characters the whole time.
After the show Ben couldn't wait to get home to tell Daddy all about it. He got a new conductor's hat and kept saying that he wanted to "show Daddy!"

It was a really great show and would definitely be worth checking out for any fans of Thomas and Friends. I know Ben will be talking about it for weeks. The show is currently on tour and I highly recommend checking to see if it's coming to a city near you. Click Here for a listing of dates and cities.

Here's Ben with his new conductor's cap. He likes to wear it backwards because it's still a little big and it covers his eyes when he wears it right. That's James (the engine) in his hand, by the way. As soon as he woke up this morning he wanted to play with his Thomas toys.


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