Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life at Home - Thomas the Train and Potty Training

I haven't posted anything for Family Time Friday for quite a while because 1) Nothing all that interesting has been happening, 2) I have not been very good about taking pictures recently and 3) Fridays have been busy for me lately. So, instead of posting family updates on Friday I've decided to start new "Life at Home" posts. These will probably be posted on Tuesdays but may appear on other days of the week as well depending on what's going on in our lives. So, for all of my family members that look for new pics of Ben, check back a few times a week.

Ben's latest obsession is Thomas. You know - the little blue train who lives with all of his other train friends on the Island of Sodor? I'm sure all you moms out there know what I'm talking about. He loves trains and has recently started watching Thomas DVD's. Now he recites a list of all the trains' names. Thomas and Percy and Gordon and Emily, etc, etc... We're going to see Thomas Live on Stage in April and he's very excited about that. He mentiones it probably once a day. So, today we were at Target just looking around. Of course, we went down the toy aisles and, of course, they had a whole Thomas section. He looked around for a while and spotted this:

(It's the Learning Curve Take Along Thomas and Friends Morgan's Mine Set in case you were wondering)

It's a pretty large box - not heavy, but large - with a handle on the top. It was on the bottom shelf so he grabbed it and started dragging it down the aisle. He stops, looks back at Eric and I and says "Take it home! Pay for it!" Then he started dragging it towards the front of the store. It was just so darn cute all we could do was laugh. We don't give in every time he wants to take something home but decided today it was ok. We started following him and I asked if he wanted to put it in the carriage. He said "No! Pay for it!" I explained that we could carry it to the front of the store in the carriage to pay for it. He just said, "No!" He was determined to do it himself. I so wish I had a video camera with me.

We got home and put it together and he played with it for (I kid you not!) FOUR HOURS! That doesn't mean much to you if you don't have a 2 year old and don't know Ben but suffice it to say that this is a kid who doesn't play with one toy for more than 10 minutes at a time. Eric and I were stunned! He sat on the floor and played with this thing for Four Hours!

Today was also another milestone for Ben. He pee-peed in the potty for the first time!! Woo-Hoo! I was so proud of him! He just turned 2 at the end of January so we haven't really done much in terms of potty training yet. He tells us when he has a dirty diaper and sometimes he tells us he wants to go to the potty but he only sits on it for a couple of seconds and says "all done!" Today I was getting him ready for bed. I was changing his diaper so he was naked and then started jumping on the bed. Then he stopped and started peeing. Once he realized what he was doing he actually stopped himself from going! I scooped him up and ran him into the bathroom and sat him on the potty and he actually finished going in the toilet! I was so excited! He thought it was great because he got to flush the toilet. lol That was his great reward. Obviously this doesn't mean he's going to be potty trained by tomorrow but it's a great start and I'm happy he's starting to get the idea. Maybe we'll have to try some Pull-Ups now. We'll see how it goes. I'll be so happy when we're done with diapers.

That's what's new with us. Stay tuned for another update soon.


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