Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Time Friday

This past Sunday it was kinda yucky outside and it was really cold so we decided to try an indoor playground that we've heard of. It's called the Great Escape and it's in Glastonbury if there are any other CT readers out there. Ben loved it! He had such a blast!

They have a huuuuuge playscape area for kids and they have a smaller area for little kids. Small kids can go in the larger playscape with a parent, too. They also have quite a few arcade games and skee ball and other games. The place was a little run down and there were quite a few arcade games that were out of order, but all in all the place was really fun. We're thinking about having Ben's 2nd birthday party here.

Here are some pics of the day:

He thought he was driving the car.

About to go down the slide.

His favorite game is the basketball. He kept going back to it and saying "Dunk it! Dunk it!" He actually made a few baskets, too!

He tried so hard to play Skee-Ball but he just couldn't roll the ball hard enough to get it up the ramp. It kept rolling back to him.

He loooves the slide!

He also had a blast in the ball pit. Eric kept throwing him in and he was laughing so hard!


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