Friday, October 17, 2008

Family Time Friday

Lots of pics and a couple of videos in this post. Sorry if it takes some time to load.

I've mentioned before that Ben is a huge fan of Hi-5. He dances and sings along with the songs and just has a blast. It's the only show that holds his attention for an entire 25 minutes. Every other show he just glances at and goes about his business. He must ask to watch Hi-5 10 times a day or more. We have to seriously limit his viewing. lol

Here's Ben dancing to one of the Hi-5 songs:

In case you're not familiar with Hi-5, it's a "band" made up of 5 young people who sing and perform skits. The show is geared towards kids aged 2-8. Here's a video of one of Ben's favorite Hi-5 songs:

Here's a video of Ben dancing to one more song. Actually, this one doesn't have very much dancing, but he loves to sing along with it.

I highly recommend this show. It's very clean, the kids on the show are great, and Ben definitely learns from the skits. He has actually started counting on his fingers because of a Hi-5 skit that he likes. It's also very refreshing to see a kids show where everyone dresses appropriately! The girls (and guys too) wear clothing that's funky and colorful without showing cleavage or anything else not really appropriate for young kids. It's on Discovery kids at 7am and 12pm in my area. You should definitely check it out.

On another note, we found homes for all of the kittens. "Bootsie" the short-haired black female went to a co-worker of my mother's, "Romeo" the short-haired male went to a friend of Eric's and "Patches" the long-haired tortie went to a friend of my co-worker's. I'm so happy that they all found great homes!

So, what about the fourth kitten? His name is now "Sylvester" and he's officially a part of the family. He's sitting on my lap keeping me warm as we speak. Smoosh, our other cat, still isn't quite sure about him. He tolerates Sylvester using his litterbox and eating out of his bowl but he doesn't really want to play with or cuddle up to the kitten yet. Frankie, on the other hand, seems to really like the kitten. Frankie is our French Bulldog for those of you who don't know. Here are Frankie and Sylvester sleeping nose to nose:

Lastly, this week Eric and I had some alone time because Ben stayed with Grammy (my mom) for part of last weekend. We took a beautiful walk along a trail that happens to be right down the road. I just love the fall. It's my favorite time of year so I wanted to share a photo from our walk:


Dorene said...

Ah yes, Hi-5.

Both of my kids (4 year old and 19 month old) LOVE this show. So much so that I have a season pass set up on TiVo so we are never without a Hi-5 episode.

Unfortunately I find the songs tend to stick with you. You can easily find me at Target. I'll be the one singing "1,2,3,4...Hi-5".

MOMMY said...

I also find myself singing their songs! Catchy!!!

My son loves them too, I actually posted about it a year ago on our family blog. He is so funny when he watches them, he is in a trance!


Kiki said...

Cute videos! It's funny how kids will have their favorite shows, even at that young age. My daughter is all about Veggie Tales. She would watch it all day long if I would let her. But most other shows don't hold her attention for more than 30 seconds. She does like the music on Hi-5 though and I think its a cute show :)

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