Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kitty Update

I thought I'd post a couple more pics just because they're so darn cute! You can check out my original post here for the backstory. I have 4 now instead of 3. Eric originally couldn't catch one of the litter because he was so quick. The poor thing was out all night all by himself! He came back to the window the next morning and Eric's mom said that he was crying all morning. We felt so bad for the poor little thing that we rushed over to pick him up and reunite him with his brother and sisters.

So, here are your Awwww moments for the day:

This is the shorthaired female. She's the friendliest of the bunch and definitely has some spunk. We're considering keeping her instead of the Torti because of her personality.

This is the shorthaired male. He is the runt of the litter and is still very shy. He loves to have his chin scratched, though.

This is the longhaired male. He's the poor little one that was left by himself. He's still very very timid and has a raging eye infection. That's why he's so squinty in the picture. He still hisses and bats at us but as soon as we pick him up he calms right down. You can't really tell but he's an adorable little fluff ball. He's going to be very handsome when he's all grown up.

This is the little Torti longhair female. As you can see, her eyes are doing much better. She's such a cutie pie but I think she's going to be a trouble maker. She's very curious and always sticking her nose into things. She'll tolerate being held but she doesn't really like it. She's very independant.

What cuties... We're still deciding if we're going to keep one, and if so, which one. We're debating between the two females. We'll see what happens...


Lindsay said...

Omg! Love the short haired female too!!! :) Friendly kittens are the best! Ahh little darlings! Is Ben enjoying them?

Cherie said...

He loves them! He calls them all Mushy which is our older cat's name. He tries to pick them up and then he gets right in their faces and says "Hi, Kitty!" in this very quiet gentle voice. It's sooo cute!. I'm hoping I can get some video of it.

Jennifer said...

omg they are so cute! I LUUUUVVVV baby kittens. I have a very hard time saying no to them. That is how I've ended up with 3 cats & 2 dogs. I will have my own petting zoo if I keep it up.

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