Sunday, August 31, 2008

Which Browser Do You Use?

I'm just curious.

I became unhappy with Internet Explorer a while ago. It kept crashing and it ran extremely slow.

A friend told me about Firefox so I tried that and absolutely loved it! I've been using it for quite a few months now, but they recently came out with version 3 and I've been having problems ever since. My add-ons weren't working, it was loading very slowly, it kept crashing, etc. I tried to go back to an older version of Firefox but kept having the same problems. I loved the browser so much I even went through all the trouble of uninstalling and then reinstalling it. I contacted customer support and got no help at all.

I downloaded the newest version of Internet Explorer yesterday and after using it for 24 hours, I have to say I'm no happier with the new version than I was with the old one! It looks nice and has some nice new features but I still have the problem with it running very slow and I also don't like that there are no great add-ons like there are with Firefox.

Enter Opera. I just found this one by accident. Someone mentioned this one in a message board that I was looking through and I decided to look into it. I downloaded the newest version of it today and I have to say that so far I am impressed. I'm using right now while typing this post. I especially love the speed dial feature. I still have to explore it a little more to familiarize myself with all of the features but so far so good. It's only been an hour, though so we'll see what happens.

So, what browser do you use and why? I would love to read your comments. Along with general curiosity, it will also help me when planning layouts and things for this site. I know that certain features look better in certain browsers.

Thanks in advance for your input!


Justine said...

I use Firefox and love it, haven't had any problems with the latest version!

Ginger said...

I use Maxthon ( It rides on top of IE but is tabbed and so much more. I like the way the bookmarks work, the preferences and the fact that they back up your bookmarks.

I've been using this for about 3 years. There have been some improvements and enhancements along the way. I don't get into the addons so I can't speak to that.

I LOVE that I can use the split screen mode. This is so helpful when blogging. I can keep my blog on top on one side and lock the page so I can't close it. I can open as many other tabs as I like while doing research on the other half of the screen.

Good luck!

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