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Today's News 7/23/08

It's been a while but....Here Are Today's Headlines!
*Note: These may be just excerpts from the original articles. Please click on the headline to view the entire story.

What's in a Name? Ask Sex Fruit.

Family Court Judge Rob Murfitt stated his concerns in a written decision after a custody hearing in New Plymouth revealed a couple had named their child Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.

He was so disturbed at the effect on the nine-year-old that he ordered her temporarily placed under court guardianship so a suitable name could be chosen.

"It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap," he said.

The girl, who had not had her birth officially registered in NZ, had not revealed her name to her friends.

The judge was stopped talking yesterday by Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier. His office did provide some New Zealand-registered names the court knew of.

They included: Fish and Chips (twins), Masport and Mower (twins); boys Yeah Detroit, Spiral Cicada, Kaos, Stallion and Hitler; girls Cinderella Beauty Blossom and Twisty Poi; and sex unknown Keenan Got Lucky and Sex Fruit.

I thought Moxie Crimefighter and Pilot Inspektor were bad but Sex Fruit just takes the cake!

Underwear Chicken Dare Puts Man In Hospital

SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian man's dare went horribly wrong when he tried to play chicken with cars on a freeway wearing only his underwear. The 18 year old was critically injured after being hit by a four-wheel drive on a freeway in the southern city of Melbourne in the early hours of Wednesday, police said in a statement.

"Police are dismayed at the utter stupidity of a man who decided to play chicken on the Tullamarine Freeway," the statement said.

"It was lucky nobody was killed as a result and police couldn't believe anybody would be foolish enough to take such grave risks with their personal safety and that of other road users." The driver and passenger in the car were unhurt, though the vehicle was a write-off.

The headline alone makes this worth posting.

Burglar Gift Wrapped for Police

A thief with his hands, feet and ankles tightly wrapped with duct tape was handed over to city cops after neighbours of a north Edmonton homeowner sprang in to action during a break in.

"More or less he was gift-wrapped for the police," said Dan Barsotti, who came home July 16 and found two men carrying electronics from his house near 140 Street and 151 Avenue to a waiting car.

"I jumped out of my car and ran to my house where I found these two men with their hands full of electronics such as a laptop, a PlayStation and everything else," said Barsotti.

"I startled them by yelling at them. They both took off running out of our front door."

Barsotti caught up with one hoodlum about five houses down, just after the man was about to jump a fence.

"I literally dragged him off the fence, wrestled and fought for a little bit."

By the time he subdued and pinned the man to the ground, another neighbour came with a roll of duct tape and hog-tied the man. That's when the police arrived.

Good for him! Although, he's very lucky that none of these guys had a gun or knife!

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