Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today's News - 7/10/08

Here are Today's Headlines

Commissioner Defends Position That 'Black Hole' is a Racist Term

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price is sticking to his comments that the term "black hole," which a colleague used, is racist.Price also says language such as "angel food cake" and "devil's food cake" are also racially insensitive.

This blurb actually belongs with a video. Click on the headline to go to the original site and view the news story. I'm all for being sensitive and politically correct and I never want to offend someone, but come hole, devil's food, and angel's food are racist terms?! I think there should be some common sense applied in this situation.

School Bible Course Passes Constitutional Muster

AUSTIN — A proposed Bible course for public schools would not violate the First Amendment, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said Wednesday, although he would not approve any specific curriculum.

A letter from Abbott's office to the State Board of Education triggered conflicting interpretations. On a preliminary vote in March, the board adopted general curriculum standards for the new "Bible course," prompting critics to argue it violated state law requiring specific standards.

The course, which would be voluntary for high school students, is scheduled to take effect in the 2009-10 school year.

I'm all for this. I see no problem with offering religious courses in public schools, as long as they are not mandatory. Why shouldn't a student be able to study the Bible, or any other religious faith in school? However, if a Bible study course is offered, they really should offer courses in other religious faiths as well...or a comparative religion course maybe. Those who do not agree would not take the class. It could be an elective like any art or shop or whatever.

Lightning Strike Leaves Through Woman's Nose Ring

A 21-year-old Antrim woman is recovering after being struck by lightning Wednesday night. The bolt hit her feet and came out through her nose ring.

Jessica Lafreniere was hit while she was walking through her family's garage.

"She had walked into the garage to go outside to turn off the faucet. The light came in through the garage and hit her," Jessica's mother, Danielle Taylor told WBZ.

"It was like a red flash that came from her feet and she was thrown into my arms. She was blue and purple, and stiff as a board."

"When you hear it, it's unbelieveable, but it's true."

Jessica and her mother had been out filling up water balloons when the storm came in, so they went inside. Danielle says Jessica decided to go back out to shut off the hose when the flash hit her.

"The flash came from her feet, her face lit up, and the next thing I knew Jessica was in my arms...I turned her over and she was stiff as a board," Danielle Taylor said. "(It was like) literally picking up a board and moving it that landed on top of you -- that's what she felt like."

Jessica was back to work hours later for her overnight shift. Taylor said her daughter is feeling better, although the top of her lip and the tip of her nose are numb.

By the way - they figured with this luck they should buy a scratch lottery ticket. They did and they won $20.

A note to any of you who have nose piercings...take them out when you see the storm coming. Ouch!


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