Saturday, June 28, 2008

Strange Things Sold On EBay Vol. 2

There were just so many things I had to do a second volume right away. lol!

A Pile of Dirt! Current bid: $0.99
click here to see the original ebay listing

From the original description:

Just good ol' fashioned dirt.
It's everywhere and now it's here on ebay!
You are bidding on an incredible pile of dirt!
If you've never won anything in your life,
now's your chance to win a spectacular pile of Good ol' fashioned dirt!!!
The reason I'm selling it: because i can.
It's a real item. very useful, i might add.
I see it everyday on my job. I'm the "cleaning lady!"
I have collected dirt from several places and really i have no more room for it. I will gladly send it out to you, priority. i HAVE TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW PILES OF DIRT. SO PLEASE BUY MY DIRT. IT'S GOOD OL' FASHIONED DIRT! AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHERE YA GOT IT! THANKS FOR NOT RAINING ON MY PARADE OF DIRT- THEN I'D HAVE TO SELL MUD PIES.

Original Receipt from Chili's Current Bid: $24.99
Click here to see the original ebay listing
From the original description (see the original listing for full description including pics and videos):

Hello everyone:) My name is Ian and I'm the kid in all of the pictures above and the videos you'll see in this auction. My fiance (Kat) and I are set to be married on Friday, January 2, 2009 and need some help with the finances. None of our relatives are in a position to help, and we are both committed to youth ministry (which we all know how well that pays), so I'm reaching out for some help. THIS IS NOT A SCAM OR A JOKE!!! We really, really need help.... We need to raise a total of $5,000 for our wedding. I don't expect this auction to raise all of that, but I am hoping it gives us a good push;) This receipt was the first item I saved for our scrapbook (yet to be completed), and we have several other receipts and nifty things saved in a little ziplock bag that I will auction off until we reach our goal. The most valuable to us however, is this receipt from our first date.

Pet Bean! Current Bid: $0.99
Click here to see the original ebay listing
From the original description:

As tough as it is, Im selling my pet bean. Im moving to a new apartment that doesnt allow pets. I thought about sneaking him in but I dont want to risk my new landlord catching me. His name is Sir Fredrick Otnip, he is a 6 week old pinto bean. He enjoys walks in the park, loves to play fetch, and watch cartoons. He is very interesting to talk to for a 6 week old bean(not many beans his age is that mature) For some reason he doesnt like hot baths, and he's just alittle gassy in the mornings. He hopes to become spokesperson for the Bush's Baked Beans company someday(but he doesn't exactly understand what they do, and I haven't got the nerve to tell him yet) Please dont tell him. He'll make a great pet! Included in this auction is Otnips blanket, his favorite toy stick, and his bed. I hope he can make you as happy as he's made me in the last 6 weeks.


Kangaroo Scrotum Bottle Opener Current Bid: $22.00
Click Here to see the original ebay listing
From the original listing:

One authentic kangaroo scrotum, complete with soft fur, filled solid and fitted with a bottle opener.
The scrote is filled solid and weighs about 200 grams.


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