Monday, June 30, 2008

My CVS Deals for 6/29-7/5

Here's what I got at CVS this week:

(1) 24 pack Water - $2.99 - used $1.00 coupon from the scanner in the store making it $1.99

(1) Physicians Formula Mascara - $7.99 - earned $7.99 ECB making it FREE!

(2) Coppertone Face Sticks - $4.99 each - earned $10.00 ECB making them FREE!

(4) 12 pks Pepsi - $12.00 - earned $3.00 ECB making them $2.25 each

(1) 40 ct o.b. tampons - $4.49 - used $1.50 coupon from this week's paper - earned $1.50 ECB making them $1.49

(1) CVS spf 30 Sunscreen - $2.19 - used $2.00/1 CVS Skincare product coupon making this $0.19!

(1) KY Touch Warming - $9.99 - used $2.00 coupon from paper last week making it $7.99

Used $11.99 in ECB
Spent $35.23
Earned $22.50 in ECB
Net OOP after earned ECB: $12.73

I really wanted to split this up into multiple transactions to use the ExtraCare Bucks right away. I wanted to avoid spending so much out of pocket, but the lady behind the counter was about 100 years old and slow as molasses (no offense to any older people, but she was just very very slow!) and we started to get a line of people behind us. I didn't want to be there forever so I figured I'd just pay OOP this week and have lots of ECB's for next week.


Ronell said...

HAHA! That is too funny! I am lucky enough to have like 4 stores really close to me, so I will go to different stores to see what they have in stock! Now you better use that mascara on those awesome lashes of yours! LOL. Both of the boys were blessed with those searles lashes as well :-) Now if only I could get them!

Cherie said...

I was really mad! I wanted to get a couple of Huggies baby washes and get the ECB and we also need more anyway... but, of course, they were all out. I even asked a girl to check in the back, but they were all gone. Oh well...

Ronell said...

LMAO! Where did you go? The one by me? HEHE...sorry! I wiped them out of the last two they had!

Cherie said...

No, we went to the one on North Main St in Manchester. I'm not gonna go to that one anymore. This is the second time I've gone when they've been out of a lot of the stuff I wanted. They also don't have a coupon scanner in their store yet. I asked a girl if they were getting one and she didn't even know what I was talking about. I think I'm going to go to the one in Vernon from now on. That's where we went last week and it worked out well.

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