Sunday, June 15, 2008

Remind Me NOT to Eat Here!

Local 10 Problem Solvers made a startling discovery in a Hialeah restaurant -- dead mice appear to have been painted over instead of being removed.Those who work at La Reina, located at 3828 W. 16th Ave. in Hialeah, claim there is no problem. They said everything has been cleaned up. area where an inspector had found a dead mouse had apparently been painted over.
"Do you see these? Those are mice that have been painted over," Weinsier told a woman who works at the restaurant. "There is a tail. There is one, two. And it smells like mice here. These are mice that have been painted over."
The woman told Weinsier he was crazy. She said the area he was referring to was just part of the floor.
"I have have never seen a floor like that," Weinsier said.
After having been invited in, he was quickly escorted out the door.


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