Sunday, June 8, 2008

An Arm and a Leg for Cable

This one made me laugh and cringe at the same time. So, this lady sends in a real check to pay her cable bill. Along with the actual check she sends another check (also a valid check) made out for her "right arm and zero cents." I think that's hilarious! What makes me cringe is that some stupid Comcast employee decided to take a copy of the check and email copies to all of his/her friends, failing to block out the bank account and routing numbers and the client's name and address. Now this poor lady has her financial information floating around the internet. I guess that's what you get for being a smartass.

This article is from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and can be found here.

A South Fayette woman so fed up with her cable television provider that
she offered a body part as payment is suing the company after a copy of
her check, including personal and financial information, wound up in

Krista Cooney and her husband, Chad, filed a federal lawsuit this
week in Pittsburgh against Comcast Corp., claiming an employee of the
cable giant e-mailed a copy of the check to people outside the company.

Unhappy with how much she was being charged, Cooney made out
the check for "My Right Arm and Zero Dollars" and in the memo wrote for
"Robbing Customers Blind."

Cooney's check contained her signature, address, telephone number and bank account number.

The couple seeks an unspecified amount in damages for exposing them to identity theft.

The Cooneys learned of the e-mail Aug. 20, when a Colorado resident who
was victimized by identity theft received a copy of the e-mail and
called the couple to alert them.


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