Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Ultimate Cloth - Review, Giveaway and Freebie! - ENDED

This giveaway has ended. Thanks so much to all who entered!

Living in a household with an almost 3 year old, 2 cats and a dog (not to mention the hubby) I'm always looking for new products that can help me keep things clean while saving time and, of course, money! Recently, I was contacted by Ultimate Cloth America and asked to try out their Ultimate Cloth.

The website says "The 'Ultimate' in Cleaning GREEN! NO Chemicals, NO Paper Towels - MORE EFFECTIVE" Of course, I was skeptical. I opened the envelope and found a dry cloth that was 13.5" x 15.5" and a direction sheet. That's it. No sprays, no gels, no powders, no other cleaning materials. The cloth is made of MiraFiber which is exclusive to the Ultimate Cloths. From the website:
MiraFiber™ Technology has open spaces between fibers that act as millions of tiny 'scoops' that pull dust, dirt, oil & other contaminants into the cloth and hold them until washed away with mild soap or detergent
So how do you clean with it? Just dampen it with water. Yep, water. From the tap. Cleaning with only water? Does that acually work?
First, I decided to try it out on my dirty kitchen. I had made spaghetti with homemade sauce that first night so I decided to try it out on the tough stuff right off the bat - sauce dried onto the stove. As per the instructions, I wet the cloth and rung it out until it was just damp. Then, I started scrubbing.... hmmm... I don't really need to scrub. After just a couple of swipes, the sauce was gone. The stove was spotless. Wow - that was easy! Now let's try the counters. Clean! So easy! No scrubbing, just some wiping and the counters were clean, also!

Now, how to clean the sauce out of this cloth? Wash it in the sink with a little bit of dish soap and you're good to go. You can also use bleach to clean the cloth if you've used it in dirtier areas - the bathroom, for example.

You can use this thing all over the place. The same cloth can be used in all areas of the house and on all surfaces. Bathrooms, kitchens, computers, televisions, cameras, leather, cars (dashboard, windshield, etc), boats, rv's. The list is really endless. The cloth has no chemicals whatsoever. No chemicals are used in the manufacture of the cloth, either. It won't scratch or leave streaks so it's safe to use anywhere you can think of.

This is amazing as a money saver! One regular sized cloth retails for $6.00 and is guaranteed for 5 years of general use! How many rolls of paper towels do you use in 5 years time? Think how much you could cut down on paper towel use by owning a few of these cloths. And think of the savings in your budget!

This is also a green product! No chemicals, no wasted paper. This is the ultimate reusable, environmentally safe product. Safe to use around children and pets.

All in all, this is an amazing product that actually does what is advertised. It's inexpensive, works great, is environmentally safe and will help me to save a ton of money over time. What more can you ask for?

Ready to try it for yourself? For a limited time, everyone can try an Ultimate Cloth for free! All you have to pay is the shipping and handling of $2.99. Click Here to see more info and get yours!

One lucky reader will get one for free!! No S&H, either! Here's how to enter:
  • Visit and look around the site. Then, leave a comment here telling me your favorite feature of the cloth. (1 entry)
  • Become a fan of The Ultimate Cloth on Facebook! (1 entry)
  • Tweet about this giveaway. You can copy and paste or write your own. Just make sure @WanderingPeanut is included in your tweet. (1 entry) Win the Ultimate Cloth, the ultimate money saver! Check out this post from @WanderingPeanut
Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Also, make sure your email address is included with each entry. This giveaway will run until Saturday, December 6. Winner will be chosen via and will be notified via email.


Nancy said...

I love the way this cloth cleans without any chemicals at all! That's really special!

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Donna Graham said...

No streaks and no lint! Maybe I would like cleaning my windows...

Lina said...

No chemicals and a money saver? Sounds almost too good to be true!

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This is very good natural and environment friendly soap. I think this cannot harm babies.
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