Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oldies... but Goodies! - Old School NES

Fort Thompson

Oldies but Goodies highlights an older post that readers may have missed the first time around. See the bottom of this post for instructions about how to participate.

I thought I would share this post for any other girl gamers out there:

Originally Posted April 1, 2008:

This one is for anyone old enough to have played and loved the original Nintendo Entertainment System. This site lets you play many of those original classics (the real thing, not rip-offs!) for free right inside your browser. Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, Excitebike, Dr Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Double Dragon... these are just a few of the playable titles.

I have become addicted to Tetris all over again!

Want to paricipate in Oldies... but Goodies? It's simple. Here's how:
  1. Post the Oldies... but Goodies! button to your post.
  2. Copy an old post that you would like to share again.
  3. Past it into the new post and link up.
  4. Click This to get the code and copy the code in the orange box. Paste it into the bottom of your post.
That's it! Then you can link up right from your own blog! This is a super fun carnival and us the chance to read new things on your blog that we might have missed or just never saw because we didn't follow your blog at the time.

So, let's catch up! Join in the fun with Oldies... but Goodies!

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Tim said...

Now thats good info. I have always wanted to play tht game again, and just now i got the chance. Thanks for that! It was soooo awesome!

Thanks for playing along, I hope you will continue to do so!

Love and Prayers,


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Hi! Thanks for following my blog! I'm stopping by to return the favor! It looks like you have some good stuff on here!

This blog hop also looks fun...might have to join in!

blueviolet said...

Those games were from my videogame heyday. I loved Tetris! I beat The Legend of Zelda and it remains my favorite game to this day!

When videogames went 3D, I had to quit. They make me nauseous now.

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