Monday, September 21, 2009

New JCPenney Rewards Program!

Have you heard about the JCPenney rewards program yet?  Sign up for free and register your credit or debit card to start earning free rewards certificates!  You'll earn one point for each dollar that you spend in the store, online or in the catalog on regular or sale priced merchandise.  Earn a $10 reward each time you earn 250 points in one month.  For each month that you make any purchase (as little as $1) you will be eligible to earn double points the following month.  That means that after the first month it's possible to earn double points all year long which, in turn, means that you can earn a $10 reward for spending $125 in one month.  If you have a JCPenney charge, you'll earn 25% more in points every time you use it!

This is a great deal if you shop at JCPenney already.  $10 doesn't sound like a lot, but hey, $10 is $10, right?


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