Sunday, September 27, 2009

99 Restaurant Coupons

2 new coupons for 99 Restaurants: $5 off $25 or more  or   FREE appetizer WYB 2 meals from the new $9.99 menu.  The $5/$25 is valid until October 29.  The Free appetizer is only valid until October 4 so hurry!


Heather said...

I wanted to say thanks because I get some really great coupons from you sometimes. I found a new site people should check out - - it's supposed to be set up for local coupons like restaurants and local small businesses. It looks like they're still working on the site but I signed up for a free account anyway because it's the only site I've seen like that - I know it's next to impossible to find coupons online in my town (Sacramento). Just thought I'd pass it along. Thanks again for the great deals - keep 'em coming!

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