Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We've been pretty busy lately. Sorry if this post is too much for some of you, but for the family who read there are quite a few pics included with this post.

First, we had Easter. Ben woke up Easter morning and was all excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought him. This kid made out like a bandit! Really, I think we went a little overboard. It seemed more like Christmas than Easter. Oh well. It was fun. Here's Ben with his Easter basket:

Here he's trying to scare me with the dinosaur that was in the basket:
So, after a very fun morning we get ready and drive over the Grammy's house to spend the day with family. We're there for all of 10 minutes and disaster strikes. Ben went running down the hallway, tripped over a chair and went flying. He had a mouth full of blood and just about gave me a heart attack. He had a hole under his lip. We decided to take him to the Emergency Room because I was concerned that he might need stitches. We went to the Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford. I have to say, they were wonderful there. He ended up needing 3 stitches just under his bottom lip. How do you put stitches in the face of a 2-year-old? You either hold them down or sedate him. We decided against sedation for a variety of reasons so they just wrapped him up in a sheet like a burrito and they did what they needed to. We had a conversation with the Dr about whether or not he could or would pull the stitches out. He said it was extremely unlikely. What do you think happened? He pulled every one of them out overnight. When he came out of his bedroom in the morning they were all gone! I couldn't believe it! Oh well. The Dr said it wasn't worth putting them back in again. He'll likely have a scar there now but he's only 2 so it won't be very noticeable when he's older.
I'm so mad - I don't have any pictures of his first ever stitches (cause I'm just sure they won't be the last)!

This past Saturday we decided to take a family trip to the Southwick Zoo. It was nice outside and we wanted to take advantage of the warm wather. I also had a BOGO coupon from the Entertainment book so it was a great deal.

This tiger was right up next to the fence!

They had a small playground. This is Ben on one of the slides.

A Mommy and Daddy Baboon. There's a baby hiding in mom's lap but we could only get glances of it.

Eric took this one of Ben and I on the train ride they have.

Eric and Ben

If you've been reading lately, you know that Ben is a huge fan of Thomas now. He absolutely loves trains and the Thomas characters in particular. We were very lucky to get a fantastic deal on a train table, the tracks and a whole mess of trains secondhand through a co-worker of mine. Ben was ecstatic! After we put him to bed last night, Eric and I stayed up and put the whole thing together.
That's what he's been doing aaaalllll day! We had to go out for a while this morning and all he kept saying the whole time was, "Go play Thomas? Go home play Thomas?"

That's the update. Oh! one more thing for those of you interested. Do you remember the litter of kittens that we fostered for a while? Click here to see the original post. We kept the longhair male with the raging eye infection (third pic in that post). Here's what he looks like now:


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