Saturday, November 1, 2008

Family Time Friday/Dear Kid Saturday

Since yesterday was Halloween, I wasn't able to post the usual Family Time Friday post. Instead, I'm combining Dear Kid Saturday with Family Time Friday this week.

Dear Kid Saturdays at Cutest Kid Ever

Dear Ben,

We had a good time this week. First, we took Frankie on a long walk on the trail near our house. We probably walked about a mile and a half and you wanted to walk almost the entire way even though we brought your stroller just in case. You and Frankie were quite the pair. Daddy had to keep running after you. We could barely keep up!

I couldn't believe that you actually walked all that way all by yourself! You sure were tired when we got home. You and Frankie were both out for the count when we got home. Next month we're going to Disney World for 2 weeks so I hope this was an indication of how you'll do while you're there.

Daddy got some more video of you dancing this week. Of course, it's to Hi-5. It seems like each week you have a different favorite song. Last week it was "Wainbow" (a.k.a. Colors). Before that it was "Fishy" (a.k.a. Underwater Discovery). Now we're on to "Wetht" (a.k.a. North South East and West). It doesn't seem to truly matter, though, as long as it's Hi-5 that you're listening to. Here you are shaking your booty to "Wetht" as you call it with your cute little boy lisp.

Halloween was yesterday and Daddy picked out your costume this year. You went as Yoda from Star Wars. You were so darn cute! We almost changed our minds, though when we saw your mustache after eating your chocolate frosted doughnut yesterday morning. You looked like a villain from an old movie with a curly handlebar mustache! LOL!

Here's what you really looked like, though. You were so cute! We went over to Grammy's house because she has a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Auntie Ronell, Uncle Jon and Jacob and Lucas met us there also so we could all go together.

Jacob was dressed up as Shrek. He looked so cute, too! You didn't think so, though. As soon as you caught site of that mask you completely freaked out! I think you did a double take at first and then you started screaming and hiding your face. You had a death grip on me! I tried to show you that it wasn't real, that it was just a mask, but you just weren't having it.

Last year you were too young to go out trick or treating but this year we figured we'd give it a try. At first, you were really shy with people. You didn't want to say trick or treat, but you definitely wanted the candy. Once you had the candy, you didn't want to put it in your bag! You wanted to either eat it right away or hold it in your hand. Finally, Daddy convinced you that if you put the candy in the bag you get to go get more. After the first few houses you started getting the hang of it and started walking by yourself and saying Hi and Thank You. Of course, the only time you said "Trick or Treat" was either before the person came to the door, or when you were walking away from the house. That's ok, though. You're still little. You'll get it next year. You were so cute!

Today, we decided to go to the playground at the park down the road. Daddy had taken you there earlier this week and told me how you learned to go down the big slide all by yourself. As soon as we told you we were going to the park you got all excited saying "Side, Side!" (slide, slide!).

You also had a blast pretending you were driving a big truck. You kept going "Vroom, vroom! Beep Beep!"

We really had a great week. You're just so cute, kiddo! We'll see what happens this week.

I love you to pieces!


Ronell said...

It still makes me laugh thinking about his poor face when he saw Jacob in the mask! Poor thing! They were too cute, had so much fun! Our big boys!

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