Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Site Design!

I am very excited to reveal my new site design! Yippee!

I've wanted something different for a long time but I really don't have the money to pay a professional to design it for me so I decided to try it myself. I have absolutely no experience with CSS or HTML coding so there was a lot of trial and error. It's taken me a number of weeks to get this the way I wanted it.

I did find a lot of great tutorials out there that helped me a ton and some great people directed me to some helpful sites as well. I will be posting a list of sites and services that I used very soon.

I will still be tweaking things a little bit here and there but the main design will stay the same. I am open to any constructive criticism if you see anything that just doesn't look right or if you have any tips for me.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Lindsay said...

It's gorgeous!!! Love it, love the colors! Nice job Cherie!!! :)

Cherie said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Debbie said...

Hi Cherie. This is my first visit to your site but I love the colors. Not too bright or overwhelming. Nice job.

Sara said...

Hi! :) I'm reading you through the Twitter Mom's Blogging group. I'm at: http://tensixteen64.com/journal/

I really like the design, I think you did an awesome job for your first time designing! Love the colors!

Justine said...

Cherie it looks awesome! You did it yourself? I am IMPRESSED!! It rocks!

Ginger said...

You did a CHERRY of a job! I have a few suggestion to tweak it.

- I see a green font in your Price Chopper post. It isn't easy to read at all in my browser. Perhaps a darker green would make it easier to read.

- Suggest that you BOLD the titles in your two side bars. That would really make it much easier to find the various sections.

- Highly suggest putting Feedburner at the top right, next the RSS so you can maximize your subscriptions the second someone lands on the page and they can't forget.

- My fave tweak of all is this...
When using HTML, use this code between buttons or ads to put a single space in between them and to force them to center. They really pop when you do...
(take out spaces on ends by < and >)
< p/ >
< div align="center" >

You'll want to try it with pics you post but it won't work if not posted with HTML code.

You did a great job and with time you will continue to learn more and more. Seems like a learn a tiny tweak at least once a week. You sure appear to be very talented when it comes to graphics. Very pleasing to the eye too.

Just so you know, your Amazon widget isn't working. It was all white space. May be them since it is 1am!



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