Friday, October 3, 2008

Family Time Friday

Unfortunately, Ben hasn't been feeling well for most of this week. He started with a runny nose last weekend and has been a little off ever since. Some days were better than others but for the most part he was feeling pretty yucky and was very clingy. We did have some fun moments, though:

Daddy shared some pizza with Ben and he wanted to eat it by himself. "Hold it! Hold it!" That's what he says when he wants to do it himself. I'm not sure how much of that piece he actually ate. lol

We got this Radio Flyer Rock n Bounce Pony for him for his birthday. He loves to jump and bounce so we thought it would be perfect. His feet couldn't reach the floor for a while, but now he's big enough to do it himself. He has a blast on this thing!


Julie said...

He's quite the cutie...runny nose or not :)

savvysuzie said...

Too cute!

Oh and I have an award for you at my blog :)

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