Friday, September 12, 2008

Expired Coupon Donations

I'm sorry it took me so long to get around to posting this, but I had so many people participate that it took me a lot longer than I expected to organize everything!. Thank you so much to everyone who spent their time and money to send me their expired coupons. I'm sure all the families stationed at the base in Ansbach, Germany will appreciate your efforts!

Ok, drumroll please! The total value of all coupons being sent this month is:


Holy Cow! I never imagined I would get the response I did and be able to collect so many coupons!

Here's the breakdown:
Food Items: $479.41
Non-Food Items: $2788.28

Total Sent Year to Date:
Food: $505.81
Non-Food: $3047.78
Grand Total Year to Date: $3553.59

A big Thank You goes out to all of the following ladies who donated their coupons (in no particular order):

Deb from CT: $196.65

Ashley from FL: $274.53

Lorie from Honey, I Shrank Our Spending!: $291.28

Ellen from VA: $334.10

Angel from AL: $217.50

Me (Cherie): $650.99

Anonymous from FL: $1,196.66!!
(This person sent me a very large white envelope stuffed with coupons but there was no name included, only a return address. If you sent these and would like credit please send me an email!)

Now that they are all tallied and clipped I will be mailing these off to the base within the next few days. If anyone has any questions or would like to participate, please send me an email! If you have already mailed coupons which you don't think are included in your totals or if you're not listed here, don't worry! I've been getting a steady stream of envelopes in the mail so I had to make a cut off or else I'll never get any mailed this month. If you're not listed I will be including you next month!

Thanks again everyone and Happy Shopping!


Brooke said...

Hey Cherie. i did send some coupons, but not the $1,000 ones. it was actually a friend of mine here and she wasn't interested in credit for it, she was just glad to do a good deed. she is fine with remaining anonymous! we have told several friends who will hopefully be sending many more in the months to come. -Brooke

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