Monday, September 1, 2008

Do you belive in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

 Ever heard a pickup line like that?  I think we've all heard quite a few cheesy lines in our lives.  Here are a few other doozys that had me cracking up:

  • "Yo Baby, you be my Dairy Queen, I'll be your Burger King, you treat me right and I'll do it your way, right away."
  • "Can I give you my number just in case Hell does freeze over?"
  • "If I told you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"

None of these lines is likely to help you achieve Victory Hair.  What is Victory Hair?  Click the link to find out.  

Ok, so those lines are cheesy and almost never work, but  do you have anything better?  Just how good a flirt do you think you are?  Try playing the Ultimate Flirting Championship below.  There will be one judge and two contestants.  The judge gets to pick which questions are asked of the contestants and the contestants have to  come up with the flirtiest answer possible.  The judge then decides which answer they liked better.  I've played only as the judge so far, but it was so much fun!  I got to decide if the questions I asked would be really random or something a little more naughty sounding (there's nothing dirty, though!).  The questions are all clean but since you're playing with live people you never know what they're going to type so fair warning!  My games so far have been very clean, though. 

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You can also play the full version by clicking here: Ultimate Flirting Championship

Ok, so now you've got your flirting down, next you need to have the right look.  Try the new Extreme Style by VO5 products to help get the perfect look.   Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any coupons, but I'll keep my eyes open.

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