Monday, September 8, 2008

Air Show

This weekend the Westover (MA) Air Reserve Base held their annual air show. It's a free event and it's not that far away from us so we decided to go. Ben has developed Eagle Eyes and spots planes miles away. He says "Plane! Plane!" and we sometimes don't see what he's talking about until minutes later. So, we thought he would get a kick out of seeing all these planes flying overhead.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day! Perfect to be watching the sky. Here are some pics:


Grumpy Cow said...

Hi :)
I emailed you with regards to the template design you requested... please kindly let me know if you are still interested.

Thanks :)

"♥"Nikky said...
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Lindsay said...

Omg Cherie! I live down the street from Westover! :) - hence my twittering references to being hungover and having my windows shaking, haha. :)

Small world! Are you in Western MA?
Did you get stuck in traffic?!

And your pictures are great!!!!!

Cherie said...

Thanks Lindsay! Actually, we live in CT, but we're only about 30-40 minutes from Westover - when there's no traffic, that is. We did get took us for-ev-er to get there. It was fun once we got there, though.

Next we're looking forward to the Big E! It's a family tradition for us to go.

Lindsay said...

Ahhh fun! I've heard some horror stories about that traffic (tried my best to avoid memorial drive and 391 that day!)

Big E is a tradition for my family too. There's just something so fun about it- and the baked potatoes! mmm!

I can't believe you're that close! Too funny! :)

ModernMommy said...

I love airshows! I have yet to take my daughter to one but it helps to know that your son enjoyed it, hopefully she will too!

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