Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Expired Coupons *Updated*

*I had such a great response last month that I wanted to post this again in case anyone missed it.  I have also updated some of the information:
Just a friendly reminder...

I know that there were quite a few coupons that expired at the end of August and there are more that expire at the end of this week.  If you're going to be going through your stash, please don't throw away the expireds! Send them to me!

Each month I send all my expired coupons to the Army base at Ansbach Germany. They are then distributed to families who need them. They accept manufacturer's coupons - including printables! - that are up to 2 months past their expiration date. Actually, let me clarify: They accept coupons that are up to 6 months past their expiration dates but they recommend sending only those that are no more than 2 months expired because sometimes it takes a long time for them to get to the base and then be distributed to the people that need them.  
I go through a site called the Overseas Coupon Program.  They keep track of which bases accept expired coupons and keep track of the total dollar value of the coupons mailed to each base.  The coupons are sorted into food and non-food items and then the value is totalled so they can keep track of which bases need more help.  
I would love it if you would help by sending me your expired coupons also! I'll even do the sorting and adding, and even clipping if necessary and give you credit and a link (if you have one). If you're interested, please either leave me a comment, or email me at wanderingpeanut@gmail.com for more information.

So far I've sent:
$259.50 in Non-Food Items (including vitamins and pet foods)
$26.40 in Food Items

I will be posting new totals sometime next week.  If you check the OCP website I'm not listed yet.  The site is run solely by volunteers and sometimes it takes a while for the totals to be updated.  Eventually you should see "Wandering Peanut and Friends" listed.
Thanks and Happy Shopping!


Stephanie said...

I'd love to help out the military. Please send me your information and I would be glad to send you my expired coupons. Thanks for doing this! sjnorton@mail.com

Lorie said...

I sent you two full envelopes hope you got them!

Lindsay said...

I'd love to help too! frugalfab@gmail.com

Barefoot Mommy said...

I'd love to send Military families coupons, expired or not.
I'd love the information please.

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