Sunday, August 17, 2008

Coupon Crisis!

Ahhh!! My coupon software shut down on me!

I use a program called Coupon Wizard to log all of my coupons. This is great when I do matchups because I can search by company or product or price, etc. It also makes it very easy to see at a glance what coupons I have. It's a simple program, but I love it. You can find it here of you're interested.

But it expired on me today!! Ahhh!! Now what am I gonna do?? Actually, it's my own fault because I forgot that the trial period was coming up and I hadn't paid for it yet.

What this means for you: No Shop Rite or Price Chopper matchups this week. Just when I was getting back into the swing of things! Sorry! I'm sending in the payment and will have the program up and running again in a few days. By that time you'll probably already have done your shopping so I'm just gonna skip those posts this week.

I know there are a couple of coupon databases out there. I looked at them today, but I found that they really weren't complete and they weren't up to date with the newest inserts.

I do plan on posting my CVS and Walgreens deals this week. Maybe Rite Aid too...not sure if I'm going there this week or not.


Justine said...

Plus I find the problem with sites that list out the weeks coupons is that coupons aren't the same in every state... and the ones they list are usually different from the ones I received here in Mass!!

Ginger said...

Blog award time!!


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