Friday, July 25, 2008

Great Links For Kids

These are some sites with great activities for kids that I've Stumbled across recently. My son is 18 months old, so many of these are geared towards the younger kids. has a great section on printables. You can find everything from coloring pages to word searches to board games to car games all ready for you to print and keep the kids busy on rainy days.

Search Tools for Kids - This is a listing of search engines that are great for kids, parents or teachers to use like Encarta, Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Ask for Kids just to name a few.

Crayola Fireworks Spectacular - My 18 month old loves this site. You create your own fireworks show online.

SFS Kids - the San Francisco Symphony has a kids site to teach them about music and all types of instruments. Neat site. - This site has lots of animates storybooks for kids of all ages. Great for toddlers or children just learning to read as it shows the words and kids can read along with the narrator.

Fisher Price - Fisher Price has an activities page on their site with lots of things for the little guys to do. They have coloring pages, lots of games with pop up characters, animal sounds, etc. Lots of fun for toddlers.

Kneebouncers - This is my son's favorite site online. There are a few different games but they are all based around the keyboard. Every time he hits the keys something new happens or pops up. He loves it!


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