Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Week's Grocery Deals - Price Chopper

We went to Price Chopper a few times when they first opened and then never went back because we just couldn't get used to the layout. We've been loyal Big Y customers ever since. This week, though, I wasn't very impressed with the sales at Big Y and, after thumbing through this week's flyer, I decided to give Price Chopper another go. After today's trip, I think we'll be going there more often for a couple of reasons:

1) Fuel AdvantEdge - this is a program where you earn discounts on gas by spending money at Price Chopper. For every $50 you spend, you earn $.10 off per gallon of gas. You can keep earning and save it up to make gas really really cheap. You can only use the discount on up to 20 gallons of gas, and only on 1 fillup before the program resets. It can also only be used at participating Sunoco stations. Then you have to earn it all over again. This really isn't so bad though if you shop there on a regular basis. We've been getting our gas at BJ's, but with this discount, it's even cheaper with this program! Just from today's trip, we're eligible for a discount of $.20 per gallon!

2) Checkout Rewards - this program is very similar to CVS's ExtraCare Bucks. You buy participating products with your Price Chopper card and you earn coupons worth $$ off your next order. For example, this month, if you buy (2) Pedigree Little Champions, you get a coupon for $1.00 off your next order. These savings aren't nearly as dramatic as at CVS, but if it's stuff you need anyway, or there's a good coupon to use, this makes it an even better deal.

3) They had lots of good sales, and will double manufacturer's coupons.

I did not plan this trip out as much as I did my CVS trip, and we spent considerably more, but we made out pretty well. Our bill went from $184.38 to $105.74 After sales and coupons, we saved $78.64.

I won't list every item we got, but here are the best deals we got:

Honey Bunches of Oats with Chocolate Clusters on sale for $1.99. Used a $2.00 off printable coupon making it free plus $.01 in overage!

Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs - Buy 1 at $3.99, Get one Free. Used $1.00 off 2 coupon making them $1.50 each.

Hebrew National Hot Dogs - Buy 1 at $4.89, Get 1 Free. Used (2) $1.00 off 1 coupons making them $1.45 each.

(2) Nature Valley Granola Bars at 2/$5.00. Used (1) $.65 off printable coupon, and (1) $.55 off coupon from this week's paper. Both of these coupons were doubled making these $1.30 each.

(1) each Bic Soleil Razor and 4 pk refill cartridges at $4.98 each. Used (2) $4.00 off 1 coupons making them $.98 each!

(2) Suave Body Wash at 2/$4.00. Used (1) B1G1 coupon making them $1.00 each!

We also got some good deals without coupons, but you can see those on the Price Chopper website, or in this week's flyer.


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