Friday, June 6, 2008

Strange Swedish Names

People in Sweden have some very strange names for their children. Sweden also has some very strange laws governing what you can and cannot name your child. I just thought this was interesting. Everything below came from various articles posted on The Local.

Sweden started regulating names in the early twentieth century, after
concern that disreputable people were adopting noble names. The laws
have been reformed since then; in 1983 it was made possible for men to
adopt their wife or partner's name, as well as for women to adopt their
husband's name. Swedish law also has plenty to say about first names. The tax authority
can veto parents' choice of name for a new-born baby if officials
decide the name could "cause trouble" for the child later in life.

Ikea isn’t acceptable, but a boy in Sweden now has the right to be named Lego.

Tomaro, a seven-month-old girl from western Sweden, is to be allowed to
keep her unusual name, after authorities withdrew their objections.

Swedish tax authorities have informed a couple in Stockholm that they
may not keep the name Elvis for their five-month old daughter.

...authorities in another part of Sweden allowed a baby boy to be called Google.


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