Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My First CVS Deals!!

So, after much convincing by Ronell, I've decided to try my hand at "couponing" and looking for crazy deals at CVS and other drug stores. I went out on Sunday and got the paper specifically so I could get the coupons. Actually, I bought two papers to get double the coupons (The Hartford Courant, and the Journal Inquirer). I also got flyers for CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. I sat down on Monday and went through everything.

Here's my first CVS Deal (sorry, no pic):

What I Purchased:
(2) Twizzlers at 2/$3.00
(1) bag Skittles at $3.29
(1) bag M&M's Peanut at $1.97
(1) bag M&M's Cherry at $1.97
(1) 24 ct Tylenol Arthritis at $4.49
(2) Oral-B CrossAction Power Toothbrushes at $5.99 ea ($11.98)
(1) Aquafresh Toothpaste at $0.99
(2) Airwick Scented Oil Refills at 2/$5.00
(1) Airwick Scented Oil Warmer at $0.99
(1) Sally Hansen Nail Polish at $2.79
(1) Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Pen at $7.99
Subtotal: $44.46

Coupons Used:
$0.75 off Aquafresh - making the toothpaste just $0.24
$1.00 off Airwick Scented Oil Refills - making them $4.00 or $2 each
Free warmer with purchase of Oil Refills - saving me $0.99
$3.00 off purchase of (2) Sally Hansen products - making the nail polish free and the Quick color pen $7.78
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Oral-B Cross Action Toothbrush - making them $5.99 or $2.99 each
$1.00 off Tylenol Arthritis - making it $3.49
Total Savings of: $12.73

ExtraCare Bucks Earned:
$6.00 from Oral-B CrossAction Toothbrushes
$5.00 from Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Pen
$2.00 from Tylenol Arthritis
$5.00 from buying $10.00 in eligible candy
ECB Earned: $18.00

Total Savings from Coupons and ECB earned: $30.73
OOP cost before ECB: 31.73
OOP after ECB are factored in: 13.73

I also got the following coupons from the in-store scanner:
$3/$10 CVS Brand Purchase
$1.00 off Gold Emblem Water 6 pk or Larger
$1.00 on any CVS Brand Sunscreen Lotion or Spray

I wanted to use the $3/$10 CVS coupon today towards candy, but they didn't have what I wanted in stock. I guess I'll just save it for my next trip. Some of these things I needed - like the Airwick refills - so I could have done better if I didn't need those.

I guess this isn't too bad for my first time out. Next time will be better because now I have lots of coupons, and lots of ECB's.


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