Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who Needs a Car? I'll Just Ride My Horse!

This seems a little ridiculous to me. As long as there's a place for the horse to stay during the day and he cleans up whatever messes is makes, who cares? I give this kid credit for getting up at 4 am to get there on time. We all know how hard it is for a teenage boy to get out of bed that early! lol The whole story can be found here.

Brad Walker saves $25 a week riding his horse Pumpkin to Rockwood High School in Roane, TN. It's a protest to high gas prices that has the support of Rockwood High's principal and has turned a lot of heads in the rural town.

It was a different story all together for a Dickson County High School student who was told this week he would not be able to participate in his graduation ceremony for riding his horse to school.

Caleb Anderson rode the horse to school on his last day of classes. The trip took him almost four hours, arriving at Dickson County High at 7:40am after leaving home at 4am. According to Caleb's grandmother Sandra Anderson, Caleb didn't think it would be as big of a problem as the principal made it out to be. Besides, he was doing his part as a new high school graduate to go green and save a little gas.

But once Caleb arrived at school, Dickson County High Principal Ed Littleton told Caleb to get the horse off the school property. Police arrived shortly after Caleb put the horse in a friend's pasture near the school. As punishment, Caleb was told he will not be allowed to participate in his graduation ceremony Friday.

Caleb missed an exam due to the incident but his grandmother tells us he didn't need the credit to graduate anyway. Seniors participating in Friday's graduation ceremony held a practice ceremony earlier today.


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