Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some More Gems from Clientcopia

More hilarious stupid people. These came from Check out the site for lots more.

Stupid Client Quote #6438

I worked as a PC tech for a fairly large manufacturing company.

Day One: My Phone rings.

User: Yes, my monitor just stopped working.

Me: That's weird, that was a brand new Monitor. I walk her through the basic repairs before just finally I walking over. Indeed the monitor is dead. I get her another brand new monitor, hook it up and it's good to go.

Day Two: Phone Rings

Same User: My Monitor is dead again.

Me: I walk over and indeed it is totally dead again. So I think it's the plug, and have maintenance check the outlet. Everything checks out normal.

Day Three: Phone Rings again.

Phone Rings

Same User: My monitor is dead again this morning.

Me: I walk over and again it's dead. Sensing something is not right I ask her to walk me through your morning routine.

User: First I go get my coffee, then I go over fill up my glass with water. Then I come back and water my plant. Her plant sit directly above her monitor. As she begins to demonstrate water leaks from the plant like a siv and goes directly into the monitor.

I just look at her with that, "You are a freaking moron" look.

User: (Being totally serious) So do you know what the problem is?

Me: Yeah, water and monitors don't mix!!!!

User: Oh well I just move the plant 3 days ago.

Me: Hand smacking forehead and a look of disgust.

Stupid Client Quote #6433

This happened with my ISP as a client, so it's a little different but still shows some stupidness.

I had 28.8 dial up because it was all that was offered in my area, I was 14 at the time. One day all internet access quit working. It happened to other people I know as well. I called up my ISP and got the following:

3rd attempt calling, after about 2 hours:
ISP: Hello?
Me: Yeah, I can't connect to the internet.
ISP: Did you check your settings?
Me: Yes I know they are right, are you guys having issues?
ISP: Oh well, we just changed everybody's username's to update the system.
Me: We're you guys going to tell us about this?
ISP: Yeah, we're going to send everybody an email.
Me: How am I supposed to get the email, when I can't connect to the internet?
ISP: Don't get your panties in a wad.
Me: Just give me my new user name.
ISP: We sent you an email.
Me: Before or after you changed it?
ISP: After....oh right. Here it is...
Me: (sigh)..... thanks

Stupid Client Quote #6429

Not an issue with a client, but nevertheless...

Whilst moving desks in my office I noticed my friend and collegue trying to get the power cables for the computers/monitors out of the sockets. I explained to her that we dont move the power cables, we just move the computer towers and monitors to the new desk and there are power cables there. The reply was:

"..*blank stare*...but isnt all our work saved onto the cables? We'll have all the stuff from whoever was there last."



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