Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nekkid Gator Wranglin'

Some people just deserve what they get. I say just let the guy go and wrestle the gators. Pretty soon it won't be indecent exposure because those parts will be missing.

This is an excerpt from an article which can be read here.

Apgar, 47, was being held at the Polk County Jail on Tuesday night with a bail set at $1,500.

He was originally charged with trespassing, exposure of sexual organs and breach of the peace in March when deputies found him scratched up, naked and wading toward an alligator in a pond at Saddle Creek Park in Lakeland.

But that wasn't Apgar's first run-in with the reptiles.

In November 2006, the same deputies rescued Apgar from the jaws of an alligator in Lake Parker. That gator wrangle left him with a partially amputated arm. The gator also took out several chunks from his side and buttocks.

Knowledge of his behavior prompted Polk deputies to do a wellness check on Apgar last weekend when an unidentified body was found in the jaws of a gator at Saddle Creek Park, a PCSO spokesman said.


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