Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bye Bye XBox!

I say "way to go" to this mom. Good for her! lol

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews

Remember the father who sold his pot-smoking son’s Guitar Hero III game on eBay as punishment? The father netted $9K in that auction. The mom here won’t get that much, but at least she’s teaching her kid a lesson.

What’s the deal? Here’s what the auction says (spelling errors per the post, BTW):

Yes I am the mean mom who is selling her sons XBOX and games to replace the vaccum he broke but also to teach him a lesson that things cost money, and you should respect your parents. He can do his chores (that still remains on the kitchen table typed very neatly) now knowing that the money he earns will go towards something he bought…and maybe that might make him respect alittle bit more….this is something that has been three weeks coming, he has had numerous changes to get a better attitude…but when I found the porn on his computer that was it…so here we are: Let’s bid

Porn on a teenage boy’s computer? No! Breaking the vacuum cleaner to avoid chores, however, is a new one on me - not necessarily smart, but new.

She also password-protected his PC and apparently put a picture of Snoopy on his MySpace page. Originally she posted the system on Craigslist as well, apparently not realizing she shouldn’t be selling it if she’s auctioning it, too. Or maybe she just thought she should get more on eBay. From the Craigslist post (now deleted):

My son seems to think everything should be handed to him on a silver platter, so the XBOX is going bye bye. I do have an assortment of games as well, that I will sell for $15 each.

Price is firm, must replace vaccum that he broke thinking that would get him out of having to do chores.

Ha, I applaud her for not taking any guff from her teen. Let’s hope she gets enough for a new vacuum. BTW, it seems like eBay needs a new auction category: Good Parenting.


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